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BLACKSTREAM SPRL Personal data protection and privacy charter (25/05/2018)


For the purposes of its operations and in accordance with the relevant legislation in Belgium and Europe, BLACKSTREAM SPRL commits to assuring the protection, confidentiality and security of personal data pertaining to users of its services, as well as to respecting their privacy.


GUT SCHWARZENBACH SPRL, with its legal address at Schwarzenbach, 3, 4760 Bullange, Belgium, is responsible for data processing activities and its manager Mr. Stefan Schröder is the data protection officer.

For any questions regarding personal data protection, please write to Mr. Stefan Schröder at the above postal address or send an email to


  1. BLACKSTREAM SPRL shall act in a spirit of fairness and transparency when collecting personal data from customers and prospective customers.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL shall inform the relevant persons in advance before collecting any personal data.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL shall collect data in order to provide the services requested by its customers and fulfil customer/prospective customer management activities and will inform the aforementioned customers of the usage made of such data.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL will ensure that the personal data collected is relevant for helping the company improve its understanding of its customers and provide a high-quality service.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL will inform its website users regarding the storage of cookies and other markers.


  1. BLACKSTREAM SPRL will use the personal data collected for the purposes of its commercial operations.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL shall guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data it collects and ensure that all services, websites and applications are designed in such a way as to respect the principle of data protection.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL shall use the personal data of its customers to verify their identity, provide them with the requested services and present them with customised offers.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL shall only pass on personal data to its authorised service providers and will ensure that they also respect strict confidentiality, usage and data protection criteria.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL shall not communicate any personal data to its commercial partners without informing its customers in advance and offering them the option of exercising the right of refusal.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL may use anonymised customer data (this process cannot be reversed) for statistical purposes.


  1. BLACKSTREAM SPRL shall take the necessary measures to guarantee the security of personal data.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL shall implement security measures which are proportional to the sensitive nature of the personal data collected to prevent malevolent intrusions, loss, modification or disclosure to unauthorized third parties.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL guarantees the security of information exchanged during transactions or payments.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL will only provide access rights to its IT systems to those persons who require access for the purposes of their work.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL will inform its partners of its policy concerning the protection of personal data made available to them for the purposes of their activities and will ensure that they respect the relevant rules and company code of ethics.


  1. BLACKSTREAM SPRL will respect the time limits for the storing of personal data.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL will only store personal data for the length of time allowed in legislation or decreed by the Privacy Protection Committee.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL shall delete information from its databases once this deadline has expired.


  1. BLACKSTREAM SPRL shall inform its customers and prospective customers of their rights with regard to personal data.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL will inform customers of their options to exercise their rights to access, communicate or rectify their personal data as well as their right of legitimate refusal.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL will inform customers of their right to refuse involvement in marketing activities.


  1. BLACKSTREAM SPRL shall inform and advise its customers in order to ensure they protect their own privacy.
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL will take measures to prevent intrusions from third parties (e.g. spam) and inform customers of any cyberattacks (phishing, viruses, seizures of data etc.)
  • BLACKSTREAM SPRL may modify the present Charter at any time, including as a result of:
    • the introduction of new services or technologies
    • changes in the relevant legislation or regulations.


In the interests of transparency, BLACKSTREAM SPRL invites visitors to consult this page as often as they wish in order to keep up-to-date with any changes. Our full policy and practical information on the topic will be available on our website in the near future.


Intellectual Property

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